Other Resources

College Board (SAT)
All students should register for the SAT
and SAT-II Subject Tests online at www.collegeboard.org. In addition to free practice questions (which are the same ones that are available in print form, so I encourage students to not exhaust these practice questions before they start an actual preparation program!) and other preparation hints, students and parents can avail themselves of a wealth of college information. 

Students who aren't taking the ACT at school (and/or want to retry the ACT to earn a better score) should register for the ACT online at www.act.org. This site also has free practice questions, preparation hints, and a wealth of college information.

Vocab Videos
MostPrep's students all receive a 12-month subscription to www.vocabvideos.com, which is an excellent supplement to ongoing vocabulary study. We encourage parents and students to make vocabulary-building a family activity, and these vignettes will both entertain and educate.

College counseling
For many students, engaging the services of an independent college counselor is a great idea. Please read more at left.

College Essay Organizer
MostPrep recommends this online service (www.collegeessayorganizer.com) for students who are looking for assistance with their college essays.

Courses and Tutoring

Classroom Courses
MostPrep is the official SAT-prep provider at Faith Lutheran, running in-house classes for Faith students several times a year. MostPrep does not run any other classroom courses, but we are happy to work with small groups of students who are preparing for the same administration of the SAT/ACT exams. This option is perfect for groups of friends who are on approximately the same score level and can commit to the same time slot. This may be a good option for many parents. Contact MostPrep for more information.

Private tutoring for standardized tests
This is the crux of what we do! MostPrep accepts students on an ongoing basis, though we generally become fully booked approximately three months in advance of each test's administration. Package deals are available; contact MostPrep to find out more.

Academic tutoring
We are aware that students need help all year -- sometimes just for a week or two, and sometimes throughout the year. Our busiest months are January-April (leading up to the March and May SATs) and September/October (leading up to the PSAT and fall SATs). We are happy to take on additional tutoring clients during these times if possible. 

College Counseling

Many students go into this process thinking that they know where they want to attend college — a friend or relative attends that school, they like that school's football team, that college is on the beach, etc. — but they really don't know if that college will be the right fit for them. Finding the college that best fits your needs, goals, and personality can save tens of thousands of dollars in extra tuition and fees that often results from transferring schools and changing majors.

Dan Buikema has been a college counselor in Las Vegas since 2005 and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of college counseling, including but not limited to aiding in students’ applications and financial-aid forms, easing students’ stress about college interviews, helping student-athletes find the best possible placement, helping fine-arts students organize portfolios and/or auditions to university programs and conservatories, and helping students navigate the community-college route prior to university. Several of Dan’s students have received acceptances to the country’s most elite universities. According to Dan, his job is to help students learn about themselves, career options and university choices so they can better understand their options and find the right fit for their post-high-school lives. Not only does Dan serve as your guide during this discovery process, but he will also be there to help with everything concerning the college-application process. Dan is currently an assistant principal at Faith Lutheran High School, and also originated and serves as Dean for the school’s new Honors Institute, which was designed specifically to help students prepare and qualify for elite universities.
Comprehensive College Counseling Packages Include:

-       Unlimited access to your counselor via phone and email
-       Minimum once-per-month one-on-one meetings
-       Academic review specific to university requirements
-       Counseling specific to career, major and university selection
              – Finding the Right Fit
-       Resume building
-       Portfolio building
-       Recommendation letter consulting
-       Admissions essay development and review
-       University application support and review
-       Admissions interview preparation
-       Scholarship search support and review
-       Scholarship application support and review
-       Scholarship essay development and review
-       Financial aid consulting
-       NCAA and/or NAIA registration and requirements support and review
-       Counseling specific to potential collegiate athletes
-       Counseling specific to potential fine arts and/or conservatory applicants
-       Counseling specific to after-university acceptance – Going Away to College