Hey juniors! Let's start to get you prepared
for the June/July administrations of the ACT!
(We're also taking time-slot requests for people who want to prepare for the fall SATs.)

Stuck at home and need math help?
We can also tutor for all levels of math
up to and including pre-calculus!

  We're always happy to discuss a plan of action
for any student for the SAT and/or ACT!
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Not even the most experienced tutors from nationally-known franchise operations have the level and depth of experience with the SAT that MostPrep does. Other franchise operations may charge you more for standardized-test preparation, but they may then pair your student with an inexperienced tutor.

MostPrep's SAT students work directly with its founder, Mike Obstgarten, who is a nationally recognized expert on the SAT.
Before committing your student to someone else, ask: Can that tutor score perfectly on the SAT? Has that tutor trained dozens of teachers, written SAT-prep curriculum and been responsible for over 200,000 points worth of improvement in his students' SAT scores? There's simply no reason for you to pay for a less-experienced tutor.

Due to a sharp increase in demand, MostPrep has changed its booking procedure. We now take requests for tutoring time slots approximately three months in advance of your desired start date and then book students in a geographically logical way. Students who have a wider array of times during which they are willing to be tutored for the SAT/ACT are more likely to get a time slot that works for them.

MostPrep can help!

Who, exactly, is MostPrep?
Mike Obstgarten, the owner/founder of MostPrep, is a test-preparation veteran who has already personally helped hundreds of students in the Las Vegas valley improve their standardized-test scores. Mike also previously served on the Henderson Blue Ribbon Commission on Educational Excellence and Youth Opportunity.

In the five years prior to moving to Henderson with his family, Mike was the senior director at TestTakers, a leading SAT preparation company in New York, where he was not only responsible for the score improvements of hundreds of students every year, but also trained teachers, wrote curriculum and, of course, taught classes himself. Before that, Mike spent three years teaching math at The Knox School, a co-ed boarding school in New York, where he created a year-long course for juniors who had struggled with algebra and geometry in order to get them better prepared for the SAT and ACT.

Even if you're not a paying client, Mike will happily provide guidance to parents and students throughout this stressful time. Please feel free to use the contact form to e-mail him!